Zoot Francis - bespoke erotic artist

Zoot Francis was born in Hawaii to parents of mixed race, dad an American traveling salesman/ circus performer, mum a dressmaker/dancer from Brazil.

Dad uprooted the family to San Francisco in the early seventies where the hippy free love movement provided them with not only touring opportunities in the musicals “Hair” and Godspell, but free access to festivals, a life style that Zoot would later live out in her paintings.

Her early teens were spent backstage surrounded by the ‘beautiful people’, actors, trannies, call girls all trying to make a quick buck, the air thick with dope smoke and body paint contrasting sharply with the west coast outdoor Woodstock vibe. A time when the joy of sex was the coffee table book (along with the car keys) and experimental sexual practices were the order of the day.

Zoot now lives in London with private collectors world wide.

Interested? Call 07934 688965