Wouldn’t it be nice to own a lasting tribute to a much loved animal? A portrait of a friend, or member of the family?

Shan Miller’s unique painting style makes that life-like impression possible.

From a farming family heritage, Shan remembers riding on cows, as a child.

“As far back as I can remember I had a paintbrush in my hand” says Shan

“My mother used to do portraits of the family and I remember cows and trees, which was all I was interested in at the time”.

A Torrington, Devon, residentShan sold her first painting of a horse at age 10, and has been a full time artist for 35 years.

She has exhibited at the Royal Show and many galleries in Devon and beyond.

Describing herself as ‘The People’s Artist’ her work is priced accessibly to help bring art to the people.

So, what sort of people have commissioned paintings? “People of good taste and an appreciation for the heritage and traditions of the West Country” says Shan.

Since Shan specialises in lifesized paintings, that could mean a horse over the fireplace – literally!

If you are interested in a commission, call Shan on 01805 624384 – she will be pleased to discuss anything with you.