Shan Miller - Portrait and Wildlife Artist


Life size paintings a speciality - Commissions taken from family pets to hunting scenes

Shan Miller is an artist and designer living in Torrington, Devon.

Shan paints mostly on wooden panels, in sizes varying from 6" to 8' in almost any style, as you will see.

She works in her Torrington, Devon studio where she welcomes visitors and commissions.

Shan has been the subject of some controversy, and regards herself as the peoples artist, offering her work at affordable prices.


Born in Redruth, Cornwall, Shan studied art at North Devon College and attended various 'Life Drawing' groups, also participating as a model for Exeter University and the Aaron Foundation.

Her work encompasses primitive and classical styles, depicting a wide range of subject material. The paintings, mainly on wooden panels and canvas vary in size from just 6" (15cm) to a huge 8' (2.4 mtr).

Influences for her work include the old masters, for their lifesize portrayals and their strength and vibrancy, rural matters, such as farming and local characters and modern figurative painters.

Shan also delights in working with stage scenery and prop design and circus themes.